Why IsoTek?

There are many advantages to using the world's leading power brand in your AV System.

All AV Systems use power in order to operate, be it the digital display on your amplifier, the motor in your turntable or the current in your speakers, power is the fundamental element that allows us to reproduce music in our homes. Unfortunately, when power arrives at your home, it enters your house dirty and unfiltered.

Transformers and transmission lines across the power grid, each add interference to the power flowing through, resulting in power that is suboptimal once it reaches your meter. Devices in your home further distort and dirty your power both directly and indirectly. To fully grasp why this is, it’s important to understand how power operates. Unlike a flowering plant, on which you pour water to see it grow, power operates in a loop. This means any device which needs power to operate, has power running through it and back into your home circuit. If we take the plant analogy again, this would be similar to catching water after you’d poured it on your plant and putting it back into your home water supply, resulting in muddy water for the rest of the house.

In-home power is also subject to what’s known as radio-frequency interference, which means any device sending out radio signals, like your WiFi router or phone, can also distort and dirty your home power.

Luckily this is where IsoTek comes to the rescue. IsoTek’s expertly crafted range of power products greatly reduce the noise and interference within the power circuits of your home, allowing your audio visual components to receive power which is pristine and clean of distortion. The standard “kettle-cable” that comes most products has a single purpose, to get power from A to B, but IsoTek products are designed to do this, and also clean the power and shield it from inference along the way using a range of unique technologies.

Clean power reaching all your components, results in greatly upgraded performance across your entire AV System.

We all know that our AV systems are only as good as the weakest link, but when people get the opportunity to upgrade a component they often neglect to look at upgrading their power chain. Considering electricity is the sole driver of every component in a hi-fi system, this is often an unfortunate mistake. You can upgrade your turntable stylus to improve turntable your sound quality or your CD player to improve the calibre of sound from your digital media, but if you don’t improve your power supply, noise and interference will continue to run across your entire system and you’ll always be left with suboptimal sound from every source.

IsoTek’s product range, designed specifically for audio and AV systems, harnesses unique technologies to enhance sound and picture quality by filtering mains electricity and regulating its distribution, delivering pure and stable power to audio and AV equipment. The result of this is a system where the noise floor drops and the sound gains greater focus, with reduced grain and improved clarity. The bass is tighter and better defined, treble gains more space and ‘air’, and the overall musical performance appears more solid and dynamic, and hence more ‘real’. In AV systems, picture quality is similarly enhanced, with richer colours, improved depth and greater definition.

IsoTek’s conditioning products and power-boards also serve to protect your AV equipment from a variety of dangers.

Most houses have circuit breakers installed to deal with surges, but surges caused locally near your AV products can have devastating effects. IsoTek products are manufactured to provide a lasting defence against both high-frequency spikes, as well as broad-band current swells, to give you peace of mind that your products will be safe.

The ability of the IsoTek’s range to clean the power before it arrives in your AV products, also puts less strain on the circuitry inside and keeps the flow of power constant and predictable, often resulting in longer lasting internal power supplies and better functioning AV equipment.

There is no single easier upgrade than IsoTek.